George Carlin on a “fart that could end a marriage”

Carlin loved to talk about farts—-because no one else was doing it.  

Irreverence has always been a part of humour. If farts make people uncomfortable (astonishingly so, I’ve always thought), then farts must be talked about. 

I’m open to pretty well any type of irreverent humour but it has to be funny and it has to be smart. And, of course, there’s the rub!

Oven jokes about Jews, slave jokes about blacks and starvation jokes about Ethiopians or Somalians are also irreverent—but they’re irreverent towards suffering and death.

Go head and be irreverent about your own death; I figure that’s just part of accepting the miniscule place we all occupy in the proverbial scheme of things.

Attempting humour about the agonizing and slow deaths of other people? Never funny, in my comic book. 

But farts?—–the human fact that dares not speak its name? Come on!

I used to say that I don’t trust anyone who can’t see the humour in farts (I’ve since become more compassionate toward the bathroom humour-challenged). 

I’ve also heard that all across this great planet of ours, children giggle at farts. And that’s good enough for me and my inner-Bart Simpson.  

Watch this video of fart connoisseur, George Carlin, on letting out a “fart that could end a marriage.”


2 Responses to “George Carlin on a “fart that could end a marriage””

  1. Audrey Byrd Says:

    Hi Annie, as always I’m very glad to read you. How are you? Hope you’re enjoying our PNW summer weather. Dana and I are.

    He also enjoys Carlin as much as I do. That is, immensely! When Dana gets home we’ll watch the video of the fart connaiseur of all time!

    We periodically get CD’s of George’s performances from the library and have a couple on hand. Last night we listened to “It’s Bad for You”. At once he is irrevernt in delivery and revernt in content! In it he rails against injustices like the ones big business, big money, big taxes, big government, big religion and big militaries can and do perpetrate.

    Behind all his vulgarity and rudeness, which we think he uses just for impact and not because he lacks vocabulary…quite thte contrary…he’s brilliant… there exists a very reverent heart, a protector of human dignity and outrage against insensitivity, stupidity and dehumanization. We love him.

    We also giggle at farts! Guess we’re just children at heart. Smile.

    • amoriarty Says:

      Audrey, I’m thrilled that you and Dana can have a good fart giggle. Why did I assume this to be so? Yes, Carlin had a huge heart, as far as I’m concerned. He just couldn’t stand the hypocricy of those who claim to but are just into control. Best to you both. A.

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