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The Burqa and beautiful boys

September 1, 2010

A few months ago, I wrote a bit about banning the burqa.

Essentially, I said You Go Guys—with enthusiasm and well wishes. But I was loath to take a firm stance in the debate.

There seems too much risk of unintended consequences to a ban—-risks like a woman losing all familial and social support, and even her life.  Kinda’ makes you cringe, doesn’t it? 

Yet what if this is not just about women and the freedom to wear what they choose or,  or more likely, what their families choose for them? After all, I’d have a tough time showing up to work and parties in a Burqa and keeping my social life afloat at the same time.

What if a more fundamental question of, “what kind of creeps would want to do this to their women and what else do they do?”

Apparently, some Afghan men (and not just a few, I hear) see women as quite filthy and only for producing the next generation.

Young boys, however, are yummy!

In some circles, to show up with a beautiful boy gives you major street cred.

In other circles, however, this is culturally sanctioned child rape.

Check out this San Francisco Chronicle article written by a sociology professor on the “unintended” consequences of protecting the honour of women.