Bi-polar comics

My latest comedy fixation is Russell Brand, the insane British truth- teller who  upsets many people.

He openly discusses his diagnosis of bi-polar and his struggles with the worst of addictions.  

Here’s  Craig Ferguson, one of my favourites, with genius Russell Brand. 

And here is Brand in a more philosophical, gentle mood.


3 Responses to “Bi-polar comics”

  1. Alison Ouellette Says:

    I LOVE THEM BOTH TOO…..Russell is so naughty…I have had a quiet ‘thing’ for him for quite some time now!!

    they are great together,,,thx for the laugh

  2. Audrey Byrd Says:

    We enjoyed Craig’s ‘charm’ and ‘sot of wit’ for a short while, but have grown tired of him… he’s become boring…same ole, same ole…too bad

    We have never tired of good ole George Carlin…never, never tired of his wisdon and charm , whether presented in anger and frustration, or couched in vulgarity. We love his oh so witty skits and ‘passages’… miss him and so sorry he’s gone from us

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