About Annie in Vancouver

I love words. I teach English with passion. I believe in the value of argument. And though I have tried to keep quiet, it’s just never worked for me.

Hence, my blog about hilarity, argument and our love-hate relationship with media.


2 Responses to “About Annie in Vancouver”

  1. Suz Says:

    Thank you Annie for sharing your deep thoughts. Like deep water, they allow us to uncover what’s hidden below the surface.

  2. haserena Says:

    Well said you two. Deep thoughts help me evaluate life’s beauty and mankind’s falses and glories. And like deep water, if you don’t break the surface at least you have swam thought channels of different thoughts and connections. Your experiences, your thoughts, and your emotions goes towards a bigger meaning for yourself. This is essential because you are unique!

    Keep at it up Anne, you are an inspiration to other thinkers and dreamers and explorers. As one of your sleeply students, I am now awake to new thoughts and adventures. Thanks!

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